Precision Bend

Quality in individual works or production in series

Dobra de Precisão

In order to achieve customers satisfaction, Buzas Laser Service invested in equipment so that the bend of the cut parts was made with the same precision and quality of the cutting service. For this, we have machines with CNC comman.


To get the perfect linearity in the bend and offer to the customer the possibility to construct parts of varied dimensions and complexities as to obtain the repeatability of all the products, facilitating the work in series and the productions in high amount. The mechanic architecture of the tools prevents any contamination of ferrous materials with stainless steel after the accomplishment of the fold.


The machines used for Buzas Laser Service guarantee flexibility in the exchange of products and materials as steel inox, carbon and aluminum. Another advantage of the equipment is the compensation of automatic arrow.


The tool rack of last generation of the industrial park of the company offers versatility in the making of rays and angles of bend, allowing fold of up to 3 meters of length.