Laser Cutting

High Performance Last Generation Equipment to offer the best service. Capacity Laser cutting table up to 2.500x6.000mm.


Fast and quiet, the laser cutting system is the treasure of who needs an efficient work, with precision, quality and excellent finishing. It offers the maximum of material use, diminishing the scrap iron level, thus providing great economy. Its high precision level allows projects of many kind and the creation of either delicate and complex parts.

Bysprint - Corte a laser

Bysprint – Corte a laser

Great Precision and Other Advantages of Laser Cutting

In individual works or long series production, the great differential of laser cutting is its high precision, with tolerance of + – 0.1 mm, depending on the complexity and the material used. Another benefit of laser cutting is the use of the optical system flying (laser floating platform), that excuses the mechanical contact with the part. The use of automatized process CAD/CAM brings great advantages, excusing the manufacture of tool rack, providing high exploitation of the material. Some remarkable characteristics in the laser cutting process are: high speed, wide variety of materials and differentiated thicknesses, beyond making possible flexibility and rapidity for change of the project. Everything with one clean cut, without barbs.


Laser cutting presents good results with steel carbon, steel inox, acrylic, aluminium and wood (MDF).
How it works

The customer sends the drawings, that will be developed and stored electronically, and later transferred to the Nesting program, that optimizes the service, guaranteeing better exploitation of the materials. Machines operated by CNC (computerized numerical control) process the plate cut in accordance with the information received directly from system CAD/CAM. Everything is very fast, without necessity to manufacture matrices.
Plate Cutting Capabilities

Maximum thicknesses specifications:

  • Steel Carbon: 16mm
  • Inox steel: 12mm
  • Aluminum: 4mm
  • Wood: 20mm
  • Acrylic: 20mm

Consult Buzas Laser Service to know plate capabilities for other materials.

Currently, Buzas was recertified to ISO 9001:2008.