Corte a laser, corte a laser de tubo, dobra de chapa, dobra de tubo, jatos d’água, puncionadeira, caldeiraria, usinagem, solda e montagem


From a drawing sent by the client, programs specifically designed to analyze application and define the best use of the part, all automated, promoting a fast, clean and without error.

The Buzas shows excellence in all services performed, since the plate-cutting laser to bundled services.

As below:

• Laser cutting in metal
• Tube laser cutting
• Tube bending
• Precision bending
• CNC punching machine
• Water jet cutting
• Manual welding
• Robotic Welding
• Liquid and Electrostatic Powder Painting
Assembly of Sets
• Assembly of Sets
• Machining in Aluminum Profile
• Blasting
• CNC machining

Application in several areas


Electronics, Naval, Aeronautics, Civil Construction and Eolic


Agricultural machinery

Railway and Metro